Seth Baron

Co-Producer & Vice President

While at Tufts University, Seth began his film and television career working for FOX News at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. Earning his B.A. in English, he moved to Southern California to work on film sets of music videos for artists like Muse and Christina Aguilera, and helped develop independent TV programming for content carriers like Court TV (now TruTV), the History Channel, and the Discovery Channel.

Seth served as Co-Producer of JAVA HEAT, which released worldwide beginning in April 2013, where he largely handled budgetary issues and cast and crew management. Java Heat made it's worldwide debut at the Dallas International Film Festival and continues to wow audiences around the world, having been sold in over 50 countries.  Seth also oversaw the sales and distribution of Java Heat in Indonesia, making deals with the nation's largest TV stations to air the film in late 2013. 

He also has helped run the campaign for a US congressional candidate in the 2006 California gubernatorial elections won by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Seth then joined ReelFX, a Texas-based post-production facility specializing in animation and computerized graphics for films like Enchanted and Open Season 2, where he served the post-production needs of high-profile clients like DreamWorks and Disney.

Moving to Jakarta to become Vice President of Margate House, Seth has drawn on his past experience in television and feature film development. He has produced, directed and edited more than 200 issue-oriented national television commercials and public service announcements, helped create and complete a dozen TV pilots and an entire season of four different television shows for TV DESA, a groundbreaking new uplifting, family-oriented, quality-driven Indonesian television platform created and produced by Margate House for the company's principal client, PT Media Desa Indonesia

Previously, Seth was Associate Producer of RED AND WHITE, a feature-length, 35-millimeter war drama set amid the 1947 Indonesian Revolution, which premiered in Jakarta in August 2009, with a North American premiere in LA in April 2010 and its European premiere in Amsterdam in May 2010. Seth also helped produce the film's highly successful sequels: BLOOD OF EAGLES and HEARTS OF FREEDOM.  

Seth was also Associate Producer of HUNGRY IS THE TIGER, a feature film documentary about the world food crisis made in India, Indonesia and Australia in 2007 and 2008, premiering at the Rome Film Festival Asiatica Film Mediale, November 2009.

As Vice President, Seth spearheads production, distribution, marketing and promotion of Margate House Films. At the 2010 European Film Market and the Berlin Film Festival, Seth negotiated the sale and distribution the RED AND WHITE trilogy to the U.K. and Ireland, which includes theatrical, TV, DVD, VOD, hotel, ship and airplane rights to all three of the war dramas.

In November 2009, Seth negotiated the sale of RED AND WHITE to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic at the American Film Market in Santa Monica, California. He has represented the film at markets and festivals from Pusan, Korea and Hong Kong to Cannes, where RED AND WHITE screened in May of 2010, and later sold in Amsterdam to European Film Partners and Universal Pictures Benelux.