Press and Critical Acclaim

Critical Praise

"Java Heat' gets Indonesia right ... Ario Bayu gives a strong performance." 

" '80s-style actioner benefits from the presence of the ever-colorful Mickey Rourke as an exotic villain... the actor brings an undeniably fascinating strangeness."

"Director/co-screenwriter Conor Allyn piles on an array of high-octane action sequences featuring enough shootouts, explosions and chases to fuel a dozen films ... these violent set pieces are staged with an admirable finesse and clarity is the film's chief strength."

"Shunning the rapid-fire editing and visual incoherence that mark so many current actioners, the director also showcases his exotic scenic locations to excellent effect."

""[Bayu] delivers a thoughtful, nuanced performance as the righteous detective who inevitably succumbs to his partner's more slam-bang methods."

"oddly likeable for its conflicted, unresolved tension... The film's requisite odd couple is also unusually charming ... Kellan Lutz displays a bit of the talent for muscle-parody that has made Dwanye Johnson such an unexpectedly appealing movie star."

"Allyn takes us to a part of the world we don't generally visit through the Hollywood spectrum and yet delivers the polish one would expect from it."

"It's a mystery thriller hunt for the bad guy that makes things personal for its heroes once they join forces."

"Allyn does an admirable job letting his twists and turns unfold."

"...Lutz shines when allowed to be a smartass.... He builds a good rapport opposite Bayu's no-nonsense cop ... and the dynamic between them excels as a result."

"(Bayu) emerges to be Java Heat's best asset.... Both characters rise about preconceptions as a result ... so does the film."

"From the very first frame, Java Heat quickly establishes itself as an authentic action film."

"...freshly capitalizing on an already impressive location shoot ... this small independent action film has more going for it.  It has heart, thanks in part to the two lead characters who play very well off each other throughout the film ... they really deliver some memorable scenes."

"(Allyn is) very lucky, very talented, or perhaps both, to have been able to capture the great chemistry the two leading actors had in this film.  I also commend him on wisely reining in Mickey Rourke to accomplish just what was required for the scene to be credible, and avoiding any "over-the-top" scenes that would not have helped this film."

"Everyone knows that action films can be a dime a dozen, but this film really separates itself from the norm."

"For the longest time I have been a fan of Mickey Rourke and his typically "macho" persona as demonstrated in film.  And I was hoping this film would add another great performance to his existing catalog of great films.  And I have to say it did."

"So grab some popcorn, take a seat, and enjoy this great action film.  It has great visuals, solid acting, great dialogue, and plenty of action for the Cinemacho types."

"Surprisingly entertaining action film ..... You should definitely keep the director on your radar for future projects."

"Java Heat is original, intense and will provide a fix to all action flick lovers.  In 97 minutes, the movie touches on various aspects, including religious tolerance.  The movie will also enthrall history lovers, as Javanese culture is a fundamental aspect of the film. 

"The writers pay attention to the minute details ... the scenes at Borobudur still present an awe-inspiring view of the great temple.  The American writers to a commendable job .... For pioneering such vision, this movie is worth a watch."

"Java Heat is action movie for serious action movie buffs.  Neither outrageous or self-conscious, it looks and moves like any number of good late-'80s/early-'90s action flicks. ..."

"Director Conor Allyn opts for wide-angle lenses and Steadicam shots; the result is clear and concise."

"Lurking in the shadows, sometimes literally, is Mickey Rourke....compulsively watchable in a later-period Marlon Brando sort of way."

"Java Heat's strongest selling point is its style.  Allyn comes across as an action classicist ... his decision to shoot the film on 35mm in anamorphic widescreen - both of which are unusual for a lower-budgeted action movie - further contributes to the movie's retro vibe ... The pleasure of Java Heat is the pleasure of seeing things done the old-fashioned way."

"The movie's best sequences - like the one in which Bayu single-handedly storms a terrorist compound while SWAT teams wait ouside - stand out for their craftmanship... (Bayu) lends his devoutly Muslim cop a credible intensity and decency."

"Great dialogue and plenty of action ... fast-paced ... a fun buddy-cop movie." 

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