All Souls Rising

Critically Acclaimed Source Material

This is cinematic television in the mold of Game of Thrones and Rome, based on the epic trilogy of voodoo, empire and revolt by literary giant Madison Smartt Bell.

All Souls Rising was hailed as “monumental” by The New York Times. The Washington Post called it “a serious historical novel that reads like a dream.”


Published by Patheon Books/Random House, this National Book Award and PEN/Faulkner Award Finalist has been optioned by Margate House Films.


The Epic Television Series

Brutality. Voodoo. Love. Race. Sex. Class. War. Money. Politics. Revolt. Freedom.

In 1791, the French colony of Saint-Domingue, now known as Haiti, was the wealthiest island on the planet.  Its plantations produced nearly half of the global sugar trade, more valuable than gold … and slaves outnumbered whites ten to one.

Amid this wealth, a tableau of vivid characters – black and white, men and women, rich and poor -- drive a haunting narrative of the world’s first victorious slave revolt.

It is a spellbinding tale of aristocrats and black generals, voodoo priestesses and courtesans.  Compared to a slave revolt that defeated the armies of Napoleon, Great Britain and Spain, Spartacus was a mere footnote in the pages of human history.

Rooted in America’s War of Independence and the French Revolution, it is the story of a tide of rebellion that shook great empires of Europe, and echoed to the U.S. Civil War.

It gave the world its first black republic – and set in motion a cycle of bloodshed, hatred, mysticism and class warfare that haunts this troubled land today.

Television Can Change the World

All Souls Rising will focus the world on this tragic and inspiring story of Haiti: the epic rise and fall of its liberation, the tragedies of its past, and the hope for its future.  The project will share profits with Haitian relief and will film in Haiti, creating jobs, industry and empowerment in a nation that desperately needs the world’s attention.